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Every Day Approximately 8 Million Pieces Of Plastic Pollution Find Their Way Into Our Oceans.
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Coral Restoration Foundation™ is the largest reef restoration organization in the world. We were founded in response to the wide-spread loss of the dominant coral species on Florida's Coral Reef and have been working to turn the tide for this critical ecosystem since 2007. We have developed a method for raising colonies of coral in Coral Trees™ and work to support the reefs’ natural recovery processes through the large-scale cultivation, outplanting, and monitoring of genetically diverse, reef-building corals. Our approach is guided by research and collaboration. We engage and empower the community to join us to save our planet’s coral reefs with dive programs, educational activities, scientific collaborations, and outreach. To date, we have restored more than 17,500 square meters of Florida's Coral Reef and returned over 170,000 critically endangered corals to the wild.
Coral Restoration Foundation
Hawaii Wildlife Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Hawaii's native wildlife through research, education, and advocacy. The team is made up of educators, conservationists, researchers, naturalists, communities, volunteers, and donors devoted to the protection of Hawaii's fragile marine ecosystem and inhabitants. We bring a variety of experiences together to serve a common goal. Please help support these amazing organizations by donating directly to them or by purchasing one of our beach towels.
Hawaii Wildlife Fund
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Loggerhead Marinelife Center is one of Florida’s most visited nonprofit scientific destinations that promotes conservation of ocean ecosystems with a special focus on threatened and endangered sea turtles. The vision of Loggerhead Marinelife Center is to be a leading authority locally and internationally in ocean conservation via sea turtle research, rehabilitation and educational programs.
Loggerhead Marinelife Center
Marine Conservation Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to securing permanent, strong protection for the oceans’ most important places – for us and future generations. As a leader in the global movement to protect vast ocean areas, the institute uses the latest science to identify important marine ecosystems around the world and then advocate for their protection. The institute works with scientists, communities, government officials and other organizations to identify key threats to areas in the sea and then build workable solutions.
Marine Conservation Institute
The Marine Mammal Care Center is a non-profit hospital for sick and injured seals and sea lions that strand on the 70 plus miles of coastline from Malibu to Seal Beach. Their mission is to inspire ocean conservation through marine mammal rehabilitation, education and research. The Center cares for up to 350 animals each year with injuries ranging from malnutrition to gunshot wounds, shark bites, entanglements and illness caused by ocean contaminants. With a small but experienced staff and a team of dedicated volunteers they help these amazing animals get healthy, strong, and back out to their ocean home.
Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles
The mission of Ocean Connectors is to use migratory marine life to educate, inspire, and connect underserved youth living in Pacific coastal communities. Ocean Connectors was created to address environmental and educational issues in coastal areas, and we have now reached nearly 20,000 children in the U.S. and Mexico. While San Diego is widely known as a pristine seaside destination, many local schoolchildren face poverty, health issues, and academic obstacles. These factors, combined with a lack of coastal access and awareness, are some of the root causes of environmental degradation, which led to the creation of Ocean Connectors and to our vision of Connecting Youth for Conservation.
Ocean Connectors
The Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) is a non-profit organization that specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and stranded marine mammals. The amazing staff at the PMMC is trained to recognize animals suffering from infections, malnourishment, pneumonia, gill net strangulation, and emerging diseases and conditions, like sea lion cancer. The main goal is to rehabilitate these Marine mammals back to a state where they can be released back into the Ocean. PMMC was the first marine mammal rehabilitation facility in California, and celebrated its 50th anniversary of saving marine wildlife in 2021. The organization also inspires ocean stewardship through science-based education programs reaching tens of thousands of children across the country; and collaborative research in partner with universities, agencies, and thought leaders around the world. Visit their website to find out how you can volunteer.
Pacific Marine Mammal Center
San Diego Coastkeeper is a non-profit organization that restores fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County. Through research, and gathering proper data, San Diego Coastkeeper has been making a positive impact in their community since establishing in 1995. With a vision of a cleaner Ocean, this grassroots organization is committed to doing the necessary leg work to ensure a future filled with safe Ocean water for Marine animals, and human beings. Please help support these amazing organizations by donating directly to them or by purchasing one of our beach towels.
San Diego Coastkeeper
Seal Rescue Ireland is a Registered Charity (RCN 20108519) that works around the clock to rescue, rehabilitate and release seal pups found sick, injured or orphaned across the coast of Ireland. As the only seal rescue centre within the Republic of Ireland, they respond to reports nationwide and aim to rehabilitate the pups back to full health so they can be returned to the wild. SRI promotes ocean conservation and sustainability through proactive research, education, community outreach and habitat restoration programmes, in order to protect our seas and all life within.
Seal Rescue Ireland
The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve our world's oceans, and beaches. Surfrider focuses on such issues like water quality, beach preservation, beach access, and sustaining marine ecosystems. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, the Surfrider Foundation has become one of the leading voices in the Marine Life conservation community. Do you want to get involved? Surfrider hosts beach cleanups around the world. Visit their website to find out how you can join the movement.
Surfrider Foundation
Sea Shepherd's mission is to protect defenseless marine wildlife and end the destruction of habitat in the world’s oceans. Since 1977, Sea Shepherd has used innovative direct action tactics to defend, conserve and protect the delicately-balanced biodiversity of our seas and enforce international conservation laws.
Sea Shepherd
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The Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center (WWCC) became the first licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the state of California in 1972 and is one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the country. WWCC educates the public about man's impact on the environment and mitigates that impact through care and rehabilitation of native wildlife. As one of 12 primary facilities in California that make up the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) WWCC has responded to dozens of oil spills affecting thousands of birds and mammals. The center is capable of caring for 400 birds and mammals at a time with an emergency capacity of 1,000.
Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center
The Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center (WSORC) is a non-profit organization which has been gathering data on whale sharks in Utila, Honduras since 1997. It has since evolved into a Marine Conservation Internship, offering monthly programs all year round as well as developing ongoing research projects. Their programs focus on Research, Outreach, Internships & Ecotourism, and they provide a strong platform for aspiring Marine Biologists to help kick-start their careers in Marine Conservation.
Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center
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